Follow along as we build a monolithic adobe/cob structure in Arizona.

Monolithic adobe, or cob, is a combination of clay soil, sand, straw, and water. It's basically adobe, but applied right after mixing, so it has a lot of moisture and is very pliable. It can bear the load of walls in homes, can be used to build beautiful courtyard walls and benches, as well as ovens. Adobe has thermal mass properties which allows a building's inside temperature to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Using the earth to build is not new at all; it has been used for tens of thousands of years and something anyone can do with a little guidance. Natural building is typically less expensive than traditional building. Many people build homes without ever having to take out a mortgage. It will save you money through lower utilities and most importantly, earthen buildings are less toxic for you and for the environment.

We are building a round structure that will be somewhere near 270sq. ft. with a west facing front door and northeast back entrance. Three south-facing, double pane windows will be used along with glass bottle windows and other pieces of glass. It will have an adobe floor, earthen plaster and natural paints. The roof will grow succulents and collect rainwater (harvested directly into the greenhouse)

You are invited to sign up for a natural building workshop to learn about each of our building methods.


Clay Testing/Cob Mixing

•Simple Test Bricks     

Basic Cob Tutorial

SALSA Cob Mixing