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About Us

Our Mission

We provide educational programs and adventure trips in Central America and Arizona that focus on leadership, environmental sustainability, ecotourism, service-learning projects, volunteer work, as well as cultural and Spanish immersion. Our goal is to guide participants to becoming culturally mindful and socially responsible global leaders.

Our Background and Values

Travel to Learn is an organization with roots in educational travel. Co-founders and cousins, Carlos and Colin Bill, are avid Latin American travelers and both realized the potential of educational travel, cultural immersion, leadership, and community-based service first hand in their own lives. TTL provides a range of authentic travel experiences for all participants to become tourists, not just travelers. This means experiencing culture, not just learning about it.
For students who are interested in making a difference in the world, our programs also include a leadership component woven throughout all of the activities. Living with local families, taking Spanish classes, working in local communities and learning from them, requires a level of dedication to making change. The challenges students will experience will be the lessons that will guide them in their future. The outcome is to have a better understanding of how a leader can change local and global communities. Students return home with a sense of empowerment and willingness to do whatever it takes to make our world a better place.

Travel To Learn will accept anyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, income or national origin and has no affiliation with any branch of government, political party, religion, or interest group.


Travel to Learn Founders

Carlos has worked in Arizona K-12 public education for 17 years and is currently a Principal at an alternative Charter school in Phoenix. A native Spanish speaker, Carlos has spent part of his life in Venezuela with his family learning that true language acquisition happens when a learner is placed in an authentic environment and has meaningful cultural interactions. Carlos leads programs in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Arizona. He dabbles in photography, guitar and nutrition and is the creator of NNC. His interest in regenerative living practices led him to work on organic farms as well as to learn how to build with earthen materials.
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Colin has been working and volunteering in the areas of education, environment, and travel for over a decade.  After graduating from Univ. of Vermont, he was a certified Wyoming Wilderness Guide, leading outdoor tours and fly-fishing trips into the Bridger-Teton National Forest. He then served as a Peace Corps volunteer for two and a half years in Honduras in Environmental Education. His undergraduate degree is in Spanish Literature, and he reads, writes, and speaks fluently.
With a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, he has over a decade of experience designing and developing online learning environments (i.e. distance education) for both domestic and international efforts. Currently he works at Peace Corps headquarters, leading staff online learning. His favorite activities/hobbies are surfing, yoga, guitar, ocean kayaking, volunteering, and mountain biking. He has studied traditional Thai massage extensively both in the US and Thailand, and has a small side practice.


Travel to Learn Partners

We collaborate only with organizations and people who have experience and share our values and goals. We work only with those who understand that safety is number one and that education and fun follow right behind. We tend to work with local organizations in Central America who bring authentic experiences and meaningful connections to the table. You will find each of the organizations we collaborate with on the web page for that particular program.

Why the name Travel to Learn?

Carlos coined the name Travel to Learn from his childhood experiences when his mom would pull him and his sister out of school to travel for the summer. When confronted by a school secretary about the amount of class they were missing, mom simply replied, "Don't worry, I will never let school get in the way of their education." Naturally, both siblings now work with language in education and strive to bring a global experience to their students.

What does the company symbol mean? logo

This is a Mayan symbol which means the "well spring of life". The top portion is 'maiz', or corn, one of many staple foods for many cultures. This food is connected on a much deeper level to 'la milpa', a place within the forest where food is grown. According to many indigenous cultures, this place is governed by a larger force, and for many this represents a God/force that allows/blesses food production. It represents a connection to nature, our Earth, and all that we need to survive. Without our natural environment, we have nothing, and so we believe this symbol reminds us to be grateful for what Earth provides as well as to protect this perfectly balanced ecosystem which supports life.

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Contact: 602.538.2929

 All photographs copyright of Carlos Bill and ©Travel To Learn LLC