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Our goal is to make nature accessible and enjoyable inorder to inspire people to treat our natural resources responsibly. We do this by making sure you enjoy your adventures! We can provide outfitting services completely based on your needs. That means we take care of everything from cushy air mattresses to help you sleep, to cool headlamps to help you see, giving you more time to hike, play in the water, or explore the comfort of a hammock. We cook nutricious, organic and specialty meals that you never thought were possible outdoors. That doesn't mean we shy away from Smores though! All you need to do is show up and have fun!
Our trips can be scheduled anytime with advance notice. Email us or fill out the booking form. The trips below have simply become favorites but if you have your own destination, simply let us know and we will meet you there with everything you need for the weekend!

Spanish Eco-Immersion: Do you want to improve your Spanish? Do you want to spend more time exploring? Why not do both? We can teach you Spanish while you are on any of our trips. There is no better way to learn a language than experiencing it so be prepared to use what you learn!
Simply let us know you are interested in Spanish Eco-Immersion when you sign up y listo!


Havasupai – Grand Canyon Trip Web Site

*Havasupai is no doubt one of the most picturesque spots on the planet. Explore the 700,000 year old Lava River Cave in Flagstaff and visit Walnut Canyon, a cliff dwelling over 700 years old. Stay in a unique log cabin with a perfect view of Mt. Humphrey. Hike to Havasupai, a secluded paradise in the Grand Canyon with stunning waterfalls and perfect pools in which to swim. Relax beneath the cottonwoods and listen to the stream as you quickly forget about your daily stress.
See comments from past trips.

Lake Powell/Antelope Canyon Itinerary/Pricing Book It
*A photographers dream, Antelope Canyon is one the most photographed places in Arizona. Spend a day exploring upper and lower canyons while camping near Lake Powell and enjoy the lake boating, canoeing, kayaking and beach side meals. During the day, rent a boat or take a kayak out for a paddle. Enjoy the water and stop by your campsite for a tasty meal!
Arizona Lakes Itinerary/Pricing Book It
*In about an hour from central Phoenix you could be camping lakeside at one of various lakes. To get to Apache Lake, one of our favorites, you drive through a mountain landscape, which is designated an AZ Scenic Drive. You wind through the Superstition Mountains on the graded Apache Trail, sometimes overlooking steep drops and other times driving through patches of deciduous trees along a stream. Explore Apache Lake in a kayak or canoe, see Roosevelt Dam, relax at your campsite and visit prehistoric Salado cliff dwellings overlooking Lake Roosevelt on the drive back home.
Sedona – Red Rock Wilderness Book It
*Red Rock Country contains some of the most memorable landscapes in all of Arizona. Visit cliff dwellings, archeological sites with petroglyphs, drive up scenic Schnebly Hill for an incredible view of the Red Rock Wilderness, watch a beautiful sunset from the airport and camp in Oak Creek Canyon; all in one weekend. It also has some of the most amazing and easily-accessible hikes around. You can camp at a designated campsite or on a ridge next to Oak Creek Canyon.
Hot Tub Tour – Southeastern AZ Itinerary/Pricing Book It
*Enjoy the Hot Tub Tour during a winter weekend. Temperatures in these private and clean geothermal tubs range from 95F-106F. Mt. Graham is nearby and offers excellent hiking and scenic drives. Spend your time relaxing in the private tubs, hiking, kayaking at nearby Roper Lake, or playing horseshoes. The grounds where the tubs are located have a full kitchen, indoor lounge, small cabins, a tepee or tent camping available. This little Bohemian resort is great for a special weekend with your partner.It's simply a great place to unwind and when you are ready, dinner is served!
Lower Colorado River Float Book It
*This is a perfect trip for any paddler. This 32-mile Class I section begins at Walter's Camp in California and meanders through Cibola and Imperial Wildlife Refuge. Camp on the river two nights and paddle through calm waters, volcanic peaks and listen to the wind blow through the tall grassland. Keep an eye out for wild burros, mule deer, bighorn sheep and plenty of waterfowl.
Upper Colorado – Black Canyon Book It
*This 11-mile section of the Colorado River begins just below the Hoover Dam and ends at Willow Beach Marina. Visit a sauna cave, hike beautiful canyons and soak away your stress in natural hot springs. As you float through canyons hundreds of feet high, you are almost sure to see big horn sheep, trout and if you go in the early spring you can also spot tadpoles and frogs in the small pools you hike through. This short trip gets you away from everything quickly and makes you feel as if you were hundreds of miles from civilization.
Summer Swimming Holes (Day Trips) Book It
*Get out of the desert heat and put on your water shoes. Arizona's swimming holes are the best spots to cool off. Let us know your hiking experience and we'll take you to some of the most beautiful canyons around. None of your friends will believe their eyes when they see the pictures. Few people know Arizona has so much water.

Hidden Hollow Log Cabin - Flagstaff
*A few days after your visit to northern Arizona, you'll start planning your next trip. You can rent this real log cabin by visiting the web site. If you need outfitting services, you can also contact us and we will take care of everything from food/food prep to setting up your hikes in the area. From the moment you arrive at Hidden Hollow Log Cabin, you'll enjoy views of Mt. Humphreys and the San Francisco Peaks, an arctic zone topping out at 12,643 feet. Enjoy the secluded wrap around balcony and take guided hikes to Walnut Canyon and the Lava River Caves during your stay in Flagstaff.



SAFETY: We keep in mind your safety by keeping in mind your athletic ability when customizing your trip.
FUN: Your guides are enthusiastic, easy-going and interested in sharing their passion for the outdoors. If you are a musician, bring your instruments. You might hear one of us playing a guitar around the campfire.
FOOD: We take eating very seriously. You will have your own personal chef cooking with local/organic ingredients. We can accommodate various dietary needs including vegetarian, gluten/dairy/wheat-free meals.
COMFORT: Camping accommodations include roomy tents, sleeping bags and comfortable air mattresses as well as a full kitchen with hot water. We keep extras of all those little things that make you feel like you're at home.
SERVICE: We keep our groups small so that everyone gets the best service possible.
CUSTOM TRIPS: Although we have planned itineraries, we want to hear from you about the types of activities you would like to participate in. If you like to fish, hike and boat a certain distance from home where it's not too cold and there's a full moon, we'll find that exact spot for you.
YOU DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE: WE DO and we are happy to share our knowledge. Most people don't enjoy the outdoors because they aren't sure of the logistics. We take care of the permits, entrance fees, reservations, gear and food so you can enjoy your time outdoors and we are happy to help you get started on your own adventure weekends.
YOU DON'T HAVE GEAR: We have a full kitchen, hammocks, tents and backpacks, wecan help you choose a canoe or a kayak and can recommend footwear for your trip. You basically bring your clothes, personals, and a sleeping bag insert...maybe a pillow too!
YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GO: Let us show you some of the most beautiful places in Arizona or the Southwest. We are continually exploring Arizona and want to share our experiences with you.
WE WANT YOU TO LEARN: We work with knowledgeable guides who can help you understand the history, flora and fauna of certain areas. We also share our tips to help you get started camping, hiking and visiting the outdoors on your own. Our guides will help you "Leave No Trace" as you visit the natural environment.


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