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Natural Building Workshops Everything about this experience was wonderful! The people, the location, the wisdom...all provided a valuable, hands-on lesson. I'm looking forward to getting muddy again soon!
Carlos is an experienced teacher who allowed all the participants in this workshop opportunities to be involved in every step of the process. His diverse experiences and trial-by-error knowledge gave me the confidence to pursue a project on my own! -Amy, Phoenix, AZ.
NicaVentura 2013

The trip that I went on this past summer with my mom was unforgettable. I saw so many different aspects of the Spanish culture which brought me to better understand the language. Throughout the trip we had the opportunity to do some amazing activities such as hiking, volunteering, surfing, and zip-lining. These different adventures were both fun and inspiring because we got to meet people from all parts of life. Nicaragua was a beautiful country that I will never forget and the memories that I have will be with me forever. 
Thank you so much again for having my mom and I with you on the trip! We had a blast and the experience was amazing!
-Josie, Cave Creek, AZ.

As a college professor, I planned several international trips with my college age students, and returning students. I can say that the trip to Nicaragua this past summer was the most organized and best planned trip I have been on. Carlos' expertise was evident throughout the our stay. His way with the travelers and natives, shows his extensive experience in traveling and his knowledge about different cultures. As an avid traveler, I highly recommend this adventure to Nicaragua as a great opportunity for all students interested in the Spanish language, culture, community service opportunities, sharing with natives, and much more. This trip is "pura vida".
-Eva María, Chicago, IL.


Agion Marketing Video and Rock Climbing Day

Agion Video for TTL!

A beautiful day at "The Pond" rock climbing with friends. Most of us are beginners but we all had a chance to climb a couple of times while the experts gave us advice. Jenny had a momentous day leading and cleaning for the first time ever! Congratulations Jen. -Carlos

The location was great for this activity. Carlos, as always, got every detail figure out. This was another successful activity of Travel to Learn. Let us know when the next one is coming up and we will be there. -Juan, Tempe, AZ.

The Pond was an excellent place to hike and climb around.  Beautiful when the water is flowing down those falls.  Met some great people and really enjoyed the trip. We field-tested some body odor killing shirts for a company, Agion, that was looking for an outdoor test. What easier way to volunteer than wear a shirt and rock climb?! Thanks, Carlos! -Colin, Phoenix, AZ.


Beautiful location. Gorgeous waterfalls, streams and rock formations. The weather was great and plenty of hiking and exploring for us to do.  My best friend recommended this trip to me, and I am glad that she did. I had a wonderful time.
Carlos did a great job putting this trip together. Good healthy meals. The atmosphere with his guitar and singing while we waited for dinner was a bonus. -Carol, Glendora, CA

"This trip combines Grand Canyon beauty with spectacular waterfalls.  The hike in is very beautiful and the day hikes take you to a number of incredible waterfalls and canyons. My best friends were with me on this trip and I have recommended it to others.
Carlos brought in some very creative food for meals. He also did a great job in selecting and setting up our camp. He was very enjoyable to spend time with.  I really enjoyed all aspects of the trip.
-Linda, Parker, AZ.

"Such a beautiful place. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The hike down and up is not technically difficult, but for someone who hasn't been hiking, it would be quite a challenge. I have never camped with a guide before. What a luxury! Carlos provided all the gear - and set up and broke down camp, made all reservations, prepared all the food, served it and cleaned up. He even had snacks for munchie times. He was available when we needed him. What a great trip."
-Susan, Parker, AZ.

West Clear Creek


"West Clear Creek is amazing. After a 20-30 minute hike down to the creek, we hiked downstream mainly in the river and traversed some of the longest swimming holes I've ever been in. A perfect way to beat the heat!" Carlos

Swimming Holes Hike

Wet Beaver Creek

"Carlos - we had a blast yesterday! Thanks so much for organizing!"
-Jenny, Phoenix
, AZ

"Great trip. Can't wait till the next one." -Dusty, Phoenix, AZ

"That was so fun Carlos! Thanks again for organizing this!!" -Fermin, Phoenix, AZ

"Great day trip, can't beat the scenery and cool off cliff jumping! Nice to have group that heads a little further than the crowds :-)" -Mel, Sedona, AZ



pictures from Nica Trips

"Carlos, you rock and the trip was amazing. Thank you for everything!! My Dad asked me what my favorite thing was and I said EVERYTHING!!!! Each experience had it's own flavor and set of memories. Muchas Gracias. When in Chicago, Mi casa, su casa." -Jill, Chicago, IL

"Thanks for putting together a great trip, Jilligan! All of the things we go to do and see were just phenomenal. What a beautiful country... so... thanks again!!"
-Shannon, Phoenix
, AZ

"I travel to learn = I travel to zip line, boogie board, surf, eat loads of good foods followed by yummy desserts, drink many spirits, kayak, salsa, frolic in the laguna and beaches of Nicaragua.....
I travel to visit volcanoes, coffee plantations, beautiful beaches, hostels, a pottery factory, markets, the wonderful historical monuments, and to see glorious sunrises and sunsets .............
I travel thanks to Jilligan........."
-Karen, Phoenix, AZ

Verde River Kayak Challenge Everyone made it across the finish line safely and one of our double kayaks even got second place.!

Hot Tub Tour


"I think this was a great location and very well planed out. I can't wait to go back! The food was outstanding!" -Elly, Phoenix, AZ
Carlos organized a trip for the ASU MBA program and did a fantastic job with it. We all had a wonderful time and were very well fed, to boot! The guitar solos and humor are an added bonus...I am happy to endorse Travel to Learn as my local outfitter of choice - rock on Carlos!!! -Jenny, Phoenix, AZ


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