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NOT NEARLY COFFEE -- Order and Information Page
A wonderfully tasty, detoxifying, healthy drink that provides a natural energy boost without the addictive effects of caffeine. It can be served hot or cold, like coffee, but will last much longer and make you much happier! Gluten-free option is available!

Quick look at NNC Properties

  • antioxidant
  • antibacterial
  • increases circulation
  • lower cholesterol
  • increase blood flow
  • improve liver function
  • enhance your immune system
  • excellent source of vitamins and minerals
  • increase calcium and magnesium absorption

Pricing: $1/ounce, Bring your own container and I’ll fill it up OR purchase one from me.
Get through flu and cold season with Fire Cider. Take as soon as you are feeling under the weather or take as preventative medicine.
Ingredients are purchased at a local farmer’s market and from organic retailers. Fire Cider has been aged through one full moon cycle to ensure potency.
ingredients: raw apple cider vinegar, lemon, orange, garlic, white onion, habanero, jalapeño, horseradish, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, raw honey

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Quick look at Fire Cider Properties

  • immune-boosting
  • digestive aid
  • fights pathogens
  • helps with heartburn, gas, bloating
  • supports cardiovascular function
  • increases circulation
  • fights Candida overgrowth
  • anti-inflammatory
  • breaks up congestion

•Pineapple Kombucha -- $5/wine bottle -- 750ml/25oz
ingredients: all organic tea (black, oolong, green) structured water, raw cane sugar
Class -- $20/person with minimum of 4
Learn how to make your own Kombucha. Carlos will share his knowledge of Kombucha brewing and provide a detailed guide along with necessary tools needed to start your own brew.
•SCOBY and starter liquid -- $10
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HOME HEALTH CLASS -- $20/person with minimum of 4
•Learn how to make simple products to improve your health and save you money! In the Home Health Class you'll learn how to make toothpaste, mouthwash, and laundry detergent with only a few ingredients each.
Toothpaste -- 6 oz - $5
Mouthwash -- 16 oz - $6
Deodorant -- 3 oz - $5
Laundry Detergent -- 1 gallon - $12
To order or set up a class, contact

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It is highly plausible that some of the information on this site is not FDA approved, so you take the risk of personal liability.
It also of course means that some of what is listed on this site comes from natural sources supported by things like water, sun, and air, as opposed to the synthetic, corporate pharmaceutical with side-effect lists longer than the list of ingredients and that requires the approval of the FDA - Oh, and that was originally derived from a natural resource that has been used since....forever.

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