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Dad leaves hilarious review for daughter’s ‘black-owned’ toy restaurant

Dad Chris Kyle likes to support black-owned businesses.

Recently, he visited one memorable independent restaurant, for which he decided to write a hilarious review.

The local business belonged to his daughter Ava, who did a fine job serving him, giving him the best seat in the house – right in the kitchen.

Adorable Ava waited on her dad while holding things down in the kitchen too, wearing a cute chef hat and apron.

Though Chris had an enjoyable dining experience, he did feel the chef/waiter/manager could’ve done a better job.

But, he said in his review, he’s willing to give Ava’s Kitchen another try in the future.

The doting dad shared the review on his Instagram, where the wholesome post soon blew up.

Chris added that spending hundreds of dollars on the toy kitchen was all worth it, seeing how happy it made Ava.

Chris, who works from home as an entrepreneur, said in the post: ‘So I tried to support another black-owned business for lunch today.

‘It’s called Ava’s Kitchen, just opened at end of April. It’s a very clean establishment, but whew let me tell you about this owner.

‘First off, I asked why there are balloons on my chair, and it’s not my birthday? She talm’bout, mind yah business; those are Mommy’s.’

He continued: ‘I been waiting on my order to get done for 45 minutes, and I’m the only customer here. She was making good progress at first, then she stopped for 20 minutes to go watch Paw Patrol.

‘Overall the customer service could be better, but the cook is a cutie; so I’ll give her another chance. Let’s not give up on Black businesses so fast after one mistake.’

Other Instagrammers commented on the post with similar experiences with their children and their toy kitchen.

One dad joked: ‘Had to send my Playdoh sandwich back since the turkey was made from green Playdoh and my tea was just water’.

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