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Let’s follow the example of these cats expertly social distancing at a market

If you’ve found yourself tutting at shoppers in the supermarket and feeling the need to ask members of the public if they know what a two-metre distance looks like, you might want to save these photos for reference.

…And then show them to anyone who hasn’t quite nailed social distancing. Airdrop them, perhaps, so you can be passive-aggressive without getting close.

The photos we recommend as a shining example are, of course, of cats.

Very well-behaved cats carefully sitting in painted circles on the ground, to be more specific.

Photos of a group of stray cats observing social distancing measures by sitting in designated circles painted on the ground have been shared all over the internet as proof that everyone can stick to the recommendations to stay safe – after all, if cats can do it, so can we.

The kitties patiently queued up outside a food market in Quezon City in the Philippines, sitting in place for around 10 minutes as a local, Coleen Joice Aquino, snapped photos.

‘I just posted them because I found it cute and nice content to share on social media,’ Coleen said when her photos began to spread online. She explains that the cats often pop up in the area looking for food, but this was the first time she had spotted them sat in their circles.

It makes sense that the cats would sit within the outlines.

Alongside wanting to make us humans look silly for failing at coronavirus-preventing health measures, cats instinctively sit inside circles and squares drawn on the floor.

It’s not actually clear exactly why this is.

Some cat behaviourists believe cats love to wander inside enclosed areas for a sense of protection and security, thinking that even a two-dimensional boundary could protect them from danger.

Cats also like to establish territory, so some believe kitties would enter circles and take a seat as a way to declare ‘oi, this zone is mine‘.

If they can claim the circle as their own, they can feel safe, comfortable and secure in their own little space.

The behaviour could just be down to nosiness, too. One theory goes that cats see a circle on the floor, are intrigued by humans’ decision to draw or place a bit of string on the ground, and then head inside the circle as a way to see what all the fuss is about.

Regardless of the psychology, cats sitting in socially distanced circles is pretty cute, and serves as the perfect reference point for anyone who seems to find queuing far apart from others difficult.

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