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Mum asks for help after son, two, lathers ‘ultra dark’ fake tan instead of soap

A mum was amused when her toddler decided to use fake tan all over himself thinking it was soap – but quickly realised she’d need help to get his skin back to its normal tone.

Alana Reed’s son Bailey from East Melbourne, ran to his mum to proudly show off that he was ‘all clean’.

But instead of using soap, he had used an ‘ultra dark’ tan on himself, smearing the product all over his face and body.

At first Alana, 30, thought Bailey had been running around and got himself muddy but after trying to wash it off, noticed that the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark fake tan had been in the bathroom.

She found the situation funny at first but soon became desperate to find a solution to take off the colouring.

Posting on Facebook page Mums Who Clean, Alana asked if anybody had any suggestions on how she could take it off.

The post received thousands of comments with loads of home remedy suggestions.

Unfortunately though, none of them worked. Bailey ended up getting darker after a few days as the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark develops over time.

On the Facebook page, Alana wrote: ‘Does anybody have any ideas for getting ultra dark tan off a toddler’s face, hands and arms? He used half the bottle to “clean himself” and lemon and baby oil are making it worse. Please help.’

One of the suggestions was: ‘Moisturise with baby oil two or three times about 30 minutes apart. Wait one hour after the last application and then run a warm bath and gently exfoliate the areas.’

Another said: ‘Bondi Sands actually has a tan eraser so that might be worth a try.’

‘I’ve found toothpaste and then dishwashing liquid good for removing food colouring. Try it on his hand. Best of luck. Maybe use makeup concealer on his face until it wears off?’ suggested another.

Others recommended bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, and a bath filled with baking powder.

But Alana said she didn’t want to put harsh chemicals on the toddler.

If no other remedies work, Bailey might just have to wait five to seven days for the tan to naturally clear after plenty of washes.

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